Tips for Prepping Your RV for a Storage Facility

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March 2nd, 2023

If you’re ready to store away your RV for a season or two, then you should know the proper ways of preparing your vehicle. At Dependable Storage, we understand the need for a safe, secure place to store your RV, car, or truck. That’s why we’ve expanded our storage capabilities for your larger vehicles! Opening April 1st, our facilities will have ample room for you to keep your car secure and stored away within your storage unit in Youngsville. To make sure that your RV is properly cleaned and prepped, keep reading to learn helpful tips and tricks to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape.

Clean Out the Inside

Starting from the inside, be sure to clean all of your furniture and surfaces. Don’t forget to take out all perishables that could be stored away in cabinets and refrigerators. Anything that could be damaged by extreme heat or colder weather should be removed from the RV.
To keep dust from piling on your furniture, you could consider covering them with a sheet. Close and secure all vents and places animals or insects can creep into. Finally, ensure that nothing valuable is left in the RV. Even though your storage unit in Youngsville is secured with 24/7 video surveillance, you don’t want to leave your precious items up to chance.

Prep the Exterior and Mechanical Parts of Your RV

Now that the inside of your RV is prepped and ready to go, let’s focus on the exterior and underneath the hood. Make sure that all of the RV drains are free of fluid to avoid cracked pipes or prevent liquid from becoming stagnant. Next, make sure that your tires are filled to ensure that the weight of your RV is evenly distributed.
Before you go under the hood, we suggest speaking with a mechanic. You don’t want to start pulling wires or unscrewing bolts because you may be doing more harm than good. Consider removing your battery if your RV is stored during the winter or summer months. Harsh weather can shorten the lifespan of your battery, especially in hot Louisiana summers.
You may be aware that if you leave a vehicle sitting for too long, problems can start happening. That’s why you can run a fuel stabilizer through your system to keep your fuel and your RV in shape. Or you can take your RV out of storage for about two hours every two months to keep the engine running smoothly.
Before you store your RV, you should change your oil so that you don’t leave stagnant, dirty oil in the tank. This way, you won’t have to take your RV out for a drive every couple of months with bad fluid.

Additional Options for Protection

Although these are a necessity, like draining the fluid, these additional options are a great way to help prolong the life of your RV. Consider a large cover that goes over the entire RV. A cover is a great way to keep your RV from being exposed to the sun. The cover will help protect the colors, fiberglass, plastic, rubber, and other materials. And as an extra step, you can also purchase tire covers to help protect them from sun exposure and rotting.

Ready To Rent a Storage Unit for Your RV at Our Youngsville Facility?

Whether you’re storing your RV for a season or only for a month, our facilities are ready to help you safely store your vehicle. Find a storage unit in Youngsville or at one of our many locations in Louisiana and Mississippi. Remember—our new expansion for RVs, cars, and trucks will be open for rentals at the beginning of April. If you have any questions, you can consult our FAQ or give our Youngsville facility a call at 337-222-3840. Or, contact your closest Dependable Storage location. You can always depend on us to keep your belongings safe and secure!

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