3 Benefits of Renting a Vehicle Storage Unit

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November 30th, 2022

When you think of renting a storage unit, you may often think of cardboard boxes or plastic-wrapped furniture. But did you know that many storage facilities offer special units for vehicles or boats? Renting a vehicle storage unit from a local Slidell facility like Dependable Storage is a storage solution that many have turned to for their needs. If you are on the fence about renting a vehicle storage unit, consider these three benefits.

1. Save Valuable Storage Space

Parking a vehicle you don't drive daily in your driveway or garage can take away valuable storage space. The space you could turn into a personal workshop, studio, or social space is taken up by this vehicle. Or, perhaps you don't have the space in your driveway or garage for any other vehicle in the first place.
Fortunately, you can alleviate this issue by renting a secure vehicle storage unit from a storage facility in Slidell, like Dependable Storage. Park your car with us and unlock the potential of this clear space in your home. You can finally have room for any plans you've been envisioning while knowing your vehicle is safe in our secure facility.

2. Slidell Vehicle Storage Units Protect Against Damage

Do you have a classic automobile or sports car you want to keep safe from the dangers of at-home storage? With an investment like that, it's understandable to have anxieties about keeping your vehicle away from harm. From temperamental Louisiana weather to risks lurking in your garage, your beloved vehicle may be safer elsewhere.
Storing your car inside one of our secure indoor vehicle storage units can help you rest peacefully knowing your investment is safe and away from danger. Say goodbye to crossing your fingers against things like hail damage, driveway bumps, and storm debris.

3. A Vehicle Storage Unit Has Great Security

Many storage facilities include state-of-the-art security measures in their services. This helps prevent the risk of theft while providing peace of mind to customers. Unfortunately, criminals are drawn to valuable investments, including vehicles. In fact, the FBI reported that 7.4 billion dollars were lost to vehicle theft in 2020. Taking advantage of the security offered at storage facilities makes you less likely to become a part of this statistic.
At Dependable Storage, we pride ourselves on taking the extra effort and care to create a secure storage facility for our customers. Our properties are fully fenced in with passcode entry gates and 24/7 surveillance cameras.

Find the Vehicle Storage Unit in Slidell You Need

Dependable Storage can help with your storage needs by providing the vehicle storage unit you deserve in Slidell. Our testimonies and reviews show how deeply we care about creating the best storage experience possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out. You can call us at (985) 718-5832 or send us a message online. Don't wait to secure the vehicle storage you need.

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