Preparing For Winter Storage With Our Units in Gulfport, MS

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December 15th, 2021

While those of us in the south may be excited about cooler weather, it is important to ensure that our belongings are safe from any possible freezing temperatures. If you are storing your important items this holiday season, make sure to choose climate-controlled storage units like our in Gulfport, MS! With Dependable Storage, you can rest easy knowing that your things are safe from damaging weather, pests, and moisture. Here’s why you should prepare for winter storage with a climate-controlled unit.

Are Your Items Safe During the Winter?

When fall and winter roll around, it’s time to store our warm-weather clothing and equipment. Summer dresses, lawn care tools, sports equipment, and boats can all be put into storage until spring and summer are back in full swing. But, it is important to know that not all of your belongings are safe from the winter cold. Items with electrical or battery-operated parts can be hurt by freezing weather. And if your items are not safe from drastic temperature changes or pests, they are at risk for taking on damage.
If you are not using a climate-controlled storage unit, your belongings may be left in especially cold conditions. This can cause severe, even irreparable damage to your precious items. Battery cells, small engines, and items holding liquid are at risk of freezing, expanding, and cracking. This is why it is best to remove batteries from electronics and ensure that your boat or vehicle has the proper levels of antifreeze to withstand the cold. If you are leaving furniture in a unit that is not well-sealed, take the time to wrap your furniture and cover it with a waterproof blanket. This can help to ward off pests from making a nest in your furniture and protect your upholstery from moisture.
Don’t risk the safety of your belongings. Make sure to follow the best practices for storing your boats and small vehicles, and protect all fabrics and photos from shifting temperatures. Or to save heartache from the start, opt for a climate-controlled unit for safe storage! This especially saves you time and energy.

How Climate-Controlled Storage Units Can Protect Your Items

Climate-controlled storage units, like ours in Gulfport, MS, are a great way to cut the stress out of your winter storage! Our units don’t just regulate the summer heat. Dependable Storage units are well insulated and prevent damage caused by especially high or low temperatures. And not only do our units protect against the weather, but they can also keep your furniture, clothing, and personal belongings safe from pests and humidity.
At Dependable Storage, you can find secure, camera-monitored storage units. Easily load and unload your unit with drive-up access, dollies for easy transportation, and elevators. We also simplify the packing and paying processes with supplies available onsite and easy online options for bill pay. Use our helpful size guide to determine the right unit dimensions for your needs. Or, get in touch with us! Our storage experts can assist you with finding the best storage unit for your belongings.

Prevent Damage With Climate-Controlled Storage Units in Gulfport, MS

At Dependable Storage, we ensure that your treasured items are kept safe all year round. We have storage units available in Gulfport, MS, and several locations throughout southern Louisiana. Give our Mississippi location a call at 228-206-0288 or send us a message through our website. We’d love to answer any questions you have and help you reserve your storage unit just in time for winter!

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