5 Tips For Safely Using Your Boat Storage Unit in Houma

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October 13th, 2021

With a boat storage unit in Houma, you can ensure that your boat is secure until the next boating season. However, improper storage can lead to some negative outcomes when you’re ready to take your boat back out. Dependable Storage keeps your boat and other belongings safe until you need them again. But before you put your boat into a storage unit, follow these steps to keep your boat in top condition while it sits in your unit.

1. Disconnect Your Boat Battery

Even though you have turned the power to your boat off before putting it into your storage unit, there may still be electronics in your car that pull energy from your battery. This can include clocks and other electrical systems. The last thing you want when you open your storage unit is to find your battery dead, especially when you’re ready to get your boat back out on the water. Make sure to disconnect your boat battery before storing it away until the next boating season!

2. Clean Your Boat Before Storage and Open Drains

Would you store dirty clothing with food stains away for the winter? No! You would wash your clothes and fold them before packing them and placing them in your storage unit. This is exactly how you should treat your boat before putting it into a storage unit for an extended period. Clean off any salt or debris from your time out on the water. Vacuum your interior, and even go through the process of polishing your boat. Don’t forget to drain out any water in your boat and leave your drains open to keep moisture or condensation from freezing. This way, you won’t be met with any damage or unclean smells when you pick up your boat from your storage unit in Houma.

3. Take All Food and Electronics From the Boat Before Winter Storage

Think about what items you don’t want to leave in your vehicle as it’s stored for the winter. Leaving food in your boat can attract pests, like bugs and mice. And, leaving your electronics in storage may expose them to extreme temperatures. When batteries and electronics are put under high heat, they can stop performing properly. Or if they are exposed to cold and condensation, this can cause screens and devices to short circuit or crack. Choose a boat storage unit from our selection in Houma. You can rest easy knowing that your boat is stored in a secure and protected space. But it never hurts to take a few extra precautions beforehand!

4. Be Wary of Upholstery

Fabric pests are drawn to textiles including silk, rug, wool, and other synthetic fabrics. While these are not dangerous to humans or animals, they can cause great frustration when storing your boat. If you have fabric upholstery on your seats or have carpet in your boat, it is important to keep it protected. Otherwise, you may notice that holes mysteriously appear in your fabric during storage. Exterminators can help to eliminate these pests, but the damage to your belongings may already be done. Have your upholstery professionally cleaned before storing. And, make sure that your boat and the storage unit itself are sealed well to prevent these pests from getting to your fabric.

5. Fill Up Your Tanks When Storing Your Boat

Even though you are putting your boat in storage for the season, it is important to make sure it is ready for when you are taking it back out! Before putting your boat into your storage unit, check each of your fluid levels to make sure that they are filled up. This way, you won’t run into any issues when it’s time to get back out on the water. Fill up your gas tank, top off your coolant, and change your oil. Don’t forget to add fuel stabilizer to protect your gas tank as it sits dormant during the winter months. When you’re ready to pick up your boat, it will be good to go when you are.

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