3 FAQs About Using a Boat Storage Unit in Houma, LA

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September 26th, 2022

Louisiana is famously called the fisherman’s paradise, and it isn’t hard to understand why. The state is overflowing with an abundance of beautiful bodies of water, perfect for a day spent on your boat. But not everyone has a waterfront property with a boat launch or dock to store the boat for days away from the water. What options are boat owners left with for storing their boats? Well, Dependable Storage provides a solution for boat owners looking to store their boats in a boat storage unit in Houma, LA.

1. How Do I Prepare My Boat for a Storage Unit?

Before you bring your boat to storage, we highly advised you to prepare the boat to avoid unwanted complications when you are ready to use it again. For more details, Dependable Storage has written a helpful blog post on how to get your boat ready. You can reference the full blog, but here are a few key points:
  • Disconnect your boat battery
  • Clean your boat, and wash off the sides exposed to water
  • Drain any water in the boat and open any drains to prevent moisture from getting trapped
  • Remove all electronics or food
  • Fill up tanks and perform routine maintenance

2. How Safe Are Boat Storage Units?

Dependable Storage is fully dedicated to providing around-the-clock security for our storage units. We understand the level of trust our customers extend to us when choosing our facility to store their possessions. Day and night, we work in order to maintain your trust and sense of ease. In order to provide the level of security we believe you deserve, we equip our facilities with many security features. Our security measures include:
  • Climate-Controlled Storage Units
  • Elevator Access
  • Passcode Protected Entry Gates
  • Fully Fenced Perimeter
  • Digital Video Surveillance
Dependable Storage aims to go above and beyond while creating a secure location for your boat or other possessions. This professional standard extends to all our locations across Mississippi and Louisiana. So with your boat’s security, you can trust Dependable Storage to take the precautions you need.

3. Is a Boat Storage Unit in Houma, LA, Worth It?

There are many reasons people use a boat storage unit in Houma, LA. Sometimes you may not have the space for a boat in your driveway, or perhaps you have to adhere to the HOA guidelines of your neighborhood. Boat owners regularly use boat storage units to protect their expensive boats from harsh weather in the cooler seasons and to avoid damage. Perhaps you merely dislike the chore of cleaning your boat or responding to the rapidly changing weather patterns of Louisiana.

Regardless of what brings boat owners to Dependable Storage, our services help you leave with a weight removed from your shoulders. By removing some of the hassles of owning a boat, you can focus on the joys of boating without the stress. Boat storage allows you to enjoy sunny days on the water and a worry-free mindset on land. Once stored, you can trust your boat is safe from burglary or vandalism, harsh weather, or other damages without lifting a finger or sacrificing space at home. It’s aboat time to take the hassle out of boat storage.

Trust Us With Your Boat Storage Needs

Dependable Storage has the answer to your boat storage needs with our climate-controlled boat storage units. So if you are looking for a boat storage unit in Houma, LA, call us at 985-260-2444 or send us a message online. Eliminate the hassle of boat ownership with a boat storage unit!

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