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March 14th, 2022

When you pack your belongings in a storage facility in New Orleans, you’re going to want to make sure that your items are protected. That’s why all our storage facilities are equipped with security for the ultimate protection. We know that these items are special to you, whether they’re family heirlooms or furniture you’re not quite ready to part with. Take a look below at some of the security features that we have at every location.

Gated and Keypad Access

To protect your belongings, we have installed security gates around our facilities. You can store your RV, boat, ATVs, and more in our secure outdoor lot. It’s a great way to get those large seasonal vehicles out of your hair and in a secure place. We’ve also installed gates for access to our indoor facilities. To access this lot and inside, you will receive a keypad number to access these spaces. This ensures that you can enter the facilities with ease and safety.

Security Cameras

We’re always in the know with 24-hour security cameras installed throughout our storage facilities in New Orleans and at all our locations. These cameras are great because they allow our facility managers to monitor everything going on at a facility at all times. We believe that safety and protection are a must for not only your belongings but for anyone visiting our facility.

Locks and Multiple Levels

Each one of our storage units has a lock that only you have access to when you need to visit our facility. The locks are super simple key locks so you don’t have to remember a code. Just turn the key and you’re in! We know some people like their units on higher floors because it gives them an extra feeling of security. Many of our facilities are multi-level buildings with access to elevators to make it easier for you to access your unit and pack your belongings. But don’t fret, we do have ground-level units that are just as secure as any one of our units on a higher floor. We take pride in our multi-system protection to keep you and your items safe and secure.

Safety and Security at Our Storage Facility in New Orleans

Our ultimate goal is to give you a storage facility that you can depend on! That’s why we’ve included all these different layers of security into each of our locations. We offer more amenities that can help you to store your belongings with ease. For instance, our easy-to-use size guide can help you determine what size storage unit you’ll need based on what you need to store. Ready to start storing your belongings with us? Give us a call at (504) 608-2359 or rent a unit with our easy-to-use rental portal.

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