Why Should You Choose to Store Your Vehicle?

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October 27th, 2021

Do you need a place to keep your vehicle? When it comes to storing vehicles, there are several compelling reasons to choose a storage facility. And these reasons can actually vary depending on a number of circumstances. Everything from the type of vehicle to the owner’s location can contribute to the decision. But, for the owner, choosing just any storage company for their prized vehicles just won’t do. They need a trusted and dependable name they can rely on. That’s why, when you need a vehicle storage facility in Slidell, Baton Rouge, Houma, or other locations spanning Louisiana and Mississippi, Dependable Storage is there for you. Learn about the three reasons why vehicle storage at one of our facilities may be the best choice for your car, truck, SUV, or boat. And discover the advantages of choosing Dependable Storage for your vehicle storage needs.

1. It Can Keep Vehicles Safe From the Elements

It doesn’t matter where you live, extreme weather can take its toll on your vehicle. In the North, extremely cold temperatures can wreak havoc on a car or boat’s exterior. Plus, freezing weather can impact the engine and other moving parts in a number of ways. Ice can form in the fuel lines, preventing fuel circulation. Also, if the antifreeze in an engine doesn’t do its job, it can lead to serious repair costs.
Likewise, in the hot and humid weather of the South, such as Slidell, Louisiana, a secure vehicle storage facility can make the difference. This can prevent the wear and tear that occurs from prolonged exposure to high temperatures. It can also help in avoiding dry rot in tires and the growth of mold and mildew in vehicles that aren’t effectively sealed off from the weather. When you want your vehicle to stay looking pristine, it’s time to consider a vehicle storage unit.

2. It Frees Up Space at Home

Some people may have a garage or covered area for their vehicles already, but it may come down to simply not having enough space. If you own a two-car garage, it’s likely that you may not have the space to store a boat on your property. However, with your own vehicle unit, worrying about where to store your boat or extra vehicle is a thing of the past! This allows you to enjoy more space at home without the headaches limited vehicle storage can cause.

3. It Can Keep Your Vehicle Safer

Another excellent reason to choose a Dependable Storage vehicle storage facility in our Slidell location (coming soon) or other areas across Louisiana and Mississippi is security. These facilities are protected by 24-hour digital video surveillance. In addition, they are fully fenced with coded gate entry. So, if you want to sleep easier, our vehicle storage units could be the best choice.

Searching for a Vehicle Storage Facility in Slidell?

If you have been looking for a storage facility in Slidell, Dependable Storage will be opening a new location in the area soon! And, if you would like to find the Dependable Storage near you to ask about vehicle storage options, be sure to contact us online! Dependable Storage makes it easy to get the space and security you need.

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