Why Renting a Unit in a Storage Facility Is Worth the Cost

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November 17th, 2022

Often, individuals who need more space for their possessions find themselves debating if they should rent a unit in a storage facility. This can be a hard decision to make, especially depending on the storage facility cost. After all, just because we could all benefit from more storage space doesn’t mean it is worth the cost for everyone. In the age of decluttering and minimalism, some argue against storage units. However, these arguments conveniently ignore the long list of reasons why renting a storage unit is very much worth the investment. If you are trying to decide if securing a unit in a storage facility is worth it for your circumstance, Dependable Storage wants to help you decide.

Considering Both Sides of the Storage Unit Debate

Before discussing the logical justifications for storage units, it is important to understand why some may disagree. For example, many individuals use storage units to free up space in their homes by removing items not necessary for daily life. It could be argued that you should sell, donate or throw out items you don’t need and be unaffected—but this isn’t quite so simple when your belongings hold sentimental value. You could use the unit to store collectibles, antiques, or furniture you’d like to sell in the future. Overall, it is important to ask yourself how long you plan to store these items and why you are keeping them to justify a storage facility cost.

Why is the Storage Facility Cost Worth It?

There are countless uses for storage units that benefit renters in highly positive ways. For example, many use storage facilities to store their boats, RVs, and cars. Not only do those possessions take up a massive spot in your home, but you may not have a Homeowner Association (HOA) that allows these possessions to be parked on your property. In addition to appealing to your HOA, these valuable investments are protected from possible damage from weather or vandalism by storing them in a storage facility.

Additionally, storage units are beneficial for the time between moves, business storage, and temporary storage for homeowners dislocated due to home repairs. Typically, short-term use of storage facilities tends to be easily justifiable for many. However, this is not to say many do not feel like their money is well spent on a long-term storage facility cost. We encourage you to consider what you gain by investing in a monthly storage unit. Storing possessions like seasonal decorations and family heirlooms away from home can open up your space, decreasing stress.
At the end of the day, the only person who can decide the worth of a storage unit in their lives is the renter themselves. Everyone has different needs, including storage needs. If you have questions about the storage units available in Slidell, our storage facility cost, or what items can be safely stored in our unit, our experts can help you determine the best option for your needs.

Interested in Renting a Unit in a Premier Storage Facility?

Dependable Storage has multiple storage facilities in Mississippi and Louisiana. Our facilities are all under 24-hour video surveillance, fully fenced with gate code entry, and climate controlled. Renters can feel safe leaving their possessions in our care. To find the location nearest to you, please explore our locations. And for any questions, please give your nearest Dependable Storage location a call or send us a message online.

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