What NOT To Store In Self Storage in Jefferson, LA?

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August 31st, 2022

When it comes to filling your self storage in Jefferson, LA, there are plenty of possessions you are allowed to put in your unit. However, many storage companies have a list of forbidden items or items they strongly recommend against storing. Certain items can increase the risks of damage or danger to not only your unit but the surrounding units. Learn about what you shouldn’t store in your self storage in Jefferson, LA with Dependable Storage.

Hazardous Chemicals Should Never Be Inside Self Storage in Jefferson, LA

It is never a good idea to store hazardous chemicals inside your storage unit. Harmful chemicals like paint thinner, ammonia, bleach, fertilizer, chlorine, or anything with harmful fumes can quickly create a dangerous situation. The fumes of these chemicals can mix and endanger not only your unit but the surrounding units and the employees of the storage unit. Similarly, anything that runs on fuel should be emptied prior to placement inside the storage unit. As a general rule of thumb, cleaning supplies should also be left out of your storage unit.

Storage Units Should Not Hide Illegal or Stolen Items

A common plotline in crime dramas on television is the use of storage units to hide illegal or stolen items. However, anyone who attempts to use storage units with shady intentions will quickly realize their mistake. Storage units like the ones of Dependable Storage are under constant security and surveillance. Not only will any misdeeds quickly be noticed, but the employees will report suspicious behavior to the police.

Weapons, Ammunition, and Explosives Should Stay In Your Weapons Closet

It is rare for any form of weaponry to be allowed in a storage unit. It’s easy to understand why most storage units have forbidden weapons like guns, ammunition, and explosives. These items create endless liability and safety issues. If someone were to go through the items of your storage unit without you present, they could accidentally injure themselves or others with these items.

Important Documents and Currency Should Stay In Lockboxes

Regarding important documents like social security cards or birth certificates, we do not recommend storing them in self storage. These documents are not only incredibly tedious to replace if lost, but they also contain sensitive information that could put you in a bad position if they were to fall into the wrong hands. You should keep these documents in a secure but easily accessible area in case they are needed. Any form of currency would be better suited in a safe or safety deposit box for similar reasons.

Wet or Perishable Items May Damage Surrounding Items

The results of storing wet or perishable items in your self storage unit in Jefferson, LA are rarely positive. The moisture of wet items can create mildew and mold on your valuables and even destroy them. Perishable items such as pet food, plants, or items with an expiration date can cause similar damages to your items. Rotting perishables could also cause an infestation of pests like rodents or insects. Besides causing damage to your possessions, unseen dangers lurk in the toxins and germs growing from these items. In order to prevent either of these from happening, one should exclude any moist or perishable items from their self storage unit.

Need Self Storage in Jefferson, LA?

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