Utilizing Temporary Storage in Baton Rouge for Your Move

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May 25th, 2022

Moving can be a pretty difficult situation. After all, the reasons for moving in the first place can be stressful to begin with. You might be moving due to a new job, a new school, or perhaps just a new start in life. Moving everything all at once can be an added stressor as well. So, why not take advantage of temporary storage in Baton Rouge to make your move a little bit easier? Take a look at what you can do with our storage services and see why Dependable Storage might be the right choice for you.

Why Choose Storage Units?

Storage units are a handy utility that makes moving and storing your belongings much easier. But what makes them the better choice? Let’s take a look at why our storage units may be right for you.
  • They temperature-controlled. The Louisiana heat is no joke. However, not all storage units are full of hot air. In fact, all of our current available units at our Baton Rouge facility are temperature-controlled. This means your storage unit is kept at an acceptable temperature to avoid items breaking, cracking, melting, or sustaining any other temperature-related damage.
  • Security cameras. We want you to feel that your items are safe. With security cameras on the case, you can be sure that your items are always under a watchful eye.
  • Dollies, boxes, and elevators. Are you in need of supplies? Or perhaps you don't have a way to get the heavy items out of your vehicle? No worries! We have you covered to get all of your items inside and in one place.
There are plenty of reasons to use temporary storage. No matter your reasoning, we are happy to help you keep your items safe and secure. Reach out to see what we currently have to offer and if any of these storage units work for you.

Move As Much As You Need

Not everyone's storage needs are the same. Because of that, many people require much smaller or larger storage spaces than others. So, let's try to fulfill your needs! Currently, at our Baton Rouge location, we have five different size storage units available.
  • 10'x5'—Our smallest available size in Baton Rouge. You might be able to fit a small apartment’s worth of storage in here!
  • 10'x10'—This is approximately 100 square feet. Some examples of what can fit in this room include six king-size beds, around 40 side tables, or even 15 outdoor swings. That’s a lot of space!
  • 10'x15'—Need 150 feet of storage? This is a little smaller than a standard one-car garage. This can fit larger items and can usually fit the contents of three full bedrooms.
  • 10'x20'—Now we’re getting bigger. Store larger items like pianos and entire bedroom sets comfortably with our temporary storage units in Baton Rouge.
  • 10'x25'—Living large? No worries, we have you covered! This size can fit plenty of large items such as refrigerators, ovens, furniture, and more. You could possibly even fit an entire three or four-bedroom home in here.
Want to know more? You can always contact our storage facility in Baton Rouge. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

For the Right Temporary Storage in Baton Rouge, Choose Dependable Storage!

Utilizing temporary storage facilities in Baton Rouge can help you make your move even easier. Get in contact with Dependable Storage today and see what we can do for you at our facility in Baton Rouge.

Have any questions for us? That's not a problem. Feel free to either call us at (225) 460-4626 or send us a message online. One of our professionals will be with you as soon as possible. Let us help you make your life easier.

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