How to Prepare Your RV for a Storage Unit

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January 6th, 2023

Owning an RV can feel liberating, giving you the freedom to travel as you please. You'll bring home with you no matter where the wind takes your travels. But, unfortunately, the freedom of the open road isn't always an option. Sometimes your adventures need to come to a temporary pause. This is the time when RV owners will safely store their RVs in a storage unit. Dependable Storage has compiled some advice for preparing your RV for a storage unit in Gulfport. With these tips, you can return to the open road as quickly as possible.

Make Sure the Exterior Is Good to Go!

Often, bits of our explorations—like mud or bugs—come home with us on the RV's exterior. While this is unavoidable, it's all in good fun as long as you clean your RV once the adventure ends. Unfortunately, storing your RV in a storage unit in Gulfport without cleaning it first can create damage. So, thoroughly wash your RV's exterior, including the tires. Soap and water can do the trick, but try cleaning solutions formulated for RV cleaning for the best results.
Once the grime is gone, add a fresh layer of wax. While doing this, check your RV's seals and caulking for signs of cracks or damage. Just because you aren't currently using the RV, it doesn't mean pests can move in. Finally, once your RV is in storage, use a car jack to alleviate the weight on the tires to extend their lifespan.

It’s Time for a Deep Clean!

Just as the exterior of your RV collects grime during use, the interior collects just as much. This is the perfect time to deep clean your RV. Make sure to wipe down all the surfaces and dust as thoroughly as possible. Dust will collect during storage, but this can help minimize the amount. Avoid crumbs or food from growing mold by performing a deep vacuum and getting into any deep crevices. Another essential cleaning preparation is to defrost and empty the fridge and freezer.
As you clean the interior, remove all important or valuable items from the RV you may need. If you have children, ask them to remove their toys from the RV before dropping it off at a storage unit in Gulfport. It is also wise to ask them if they have any candy or perishables in the RV you may miss.
Due to the humid tendencies of RVs, many prefer to remove their linens from the RV to prevent them from growing musty. However, if your storage option is outside, covering all the upholstery and curtains can protect the fabric from sun damage.

Lastly, Ensure the RV Is in Top Shape Before You Drop It Off at a Storage Unit in Gulfport!

The best way to ensure no delays for your next trip is to maintain a healthy RV. It is important to check that the engine and other things of that nature are running smoothly. If you have doubts, a professional can give the vehicle a check-up. Otherwise, fill the tank with gas and add a fuel stabilizer. Drain all pipes and tanks to prevent erosion and damage. If there is a propane tank, disconnect it. If your RV has slides, make sure they are in during storage. All appliances should be off or unplugged when you drop off at the RV storage unit in Gulfport. Many people perform an oil change as RV storage preparation. Additionally, investing in a quality RV cover is highly encouraged.

Dependable Storage Is Here if You Need to Press Pause on the Adventure

When life keeps you from traveling, rely on Dependable Storage to keep your RV safe until you are ready to return. Our 24/7 security and gated entrances allow you to know that when adventure calls, you can answer quickly. However long you need, your RV will be ready to pick up where you left off when you use a RV storage unit in Gulfport. Please reach out if you have any questions. Our number is 228-206-0288. We hope to hear from you soon.

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