How to Decide Which Storage Unit Is Right for You

Self Storage

February 17th, 2021

Are there things in your home that you want to hold on to, but you just don’t have the space for them? Is your attic already packed to the brim with items you don’t want to lose? Or, are you moving to a new place and don’t have space for your stuff? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, there’s no need to stress about storage space. Dependable Storage gives you plenty of great options to meet your storage needs. To make ourselves even more dependable, we offer storage units in Prairieville and several other locations across Louisiana. And these units are safe and secure, so you can rest easier without worrying about clutter taking up valuable room in your home.

Learn all about some of the excellent storage options Dependable Storage provides, and see which ones will make the most sense for you—and your stuff!

Find the Storage Unit With the Right Fit for All of Your Things

It doesn’t matter if you only have a few boxes of clothes and Mardi Gras beads that you want to store or something as big as a car, Dependable Storage is ready to help you declutter your space. We provide unit spaces designed to meet the unique storage needs of our customers. Learn about the different types and sizes of our storage units to find the one that’s right for you.
  • Small—This is the ideal storage unit when you just have a few extra boxes or items around the house that you don’t want to lose. This includes everything from holiday decorations to clothes and small chairs. It’s an excellent and affordable option to keep these items tucked away without taking up more space in your home. And it’s climate-controlled, so you won’t have to worry about the infamous Louisiana heat harming your stuff.
  • Medium—Our medium-sized storage units can give you even more space in a climate-controlled environment. This can be the perfect choice for people who may be moving and need a space to keep their stuff during the process. It’s designed to hold the contents of a two-bedroom home, including furniture and large boxes.
  • Large—When you need the space to store the contents of a three-to four-bedroom house, our large, climate-controlled units can do the job. They can be a real lifesaver during a move from a big home. And the larger size helps you keep all of your things in one convenient space.
  • Non-Climatized—When you need storage and temperature isn’t an issue, a non-climatized unit may be the way to go. It’s an excellent option for cars, tools, patio furniture, lawn equipment, and more.
  • Vehicle—Need a space for your boat, van, or RV? Our vehicle parking units are big enough to keep larger vehicles safe, secure, and out of the way. If you’ve got a vehicle or boat that you only use on occasion, this storage option can make the most sense.

When You're Looking for Storage Units in Prairieville and Other Areas of Louisiana, Dependable Storage is Ready to Help

Whether you’re moving or just want to reduce the clutter in and around your home, Dependable Storage offers solutions to your storage problems. Feel free to take a look at our storage unit options for customers in Prairieville as well as our other Louisiana locations. Find the unit that’s right for you, close to home.
Also, if you have any questions give us a call at 1-800-909-6464 or contact us online. And if you know what kind of storage you’ll need, you can start the process today by reserving a unit. When you’re running out of space in your place, you can always rely on Dependable Storage.

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