7 Items You Can’t Put in a Storage Unit

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February 10th, 2023

Storage units are a great place to house all your unneeded items that are taking up space in your home. Even though storage facilities can hold a lot of items, there are a few things that are not allowed to be stored. Take a look below at some of the items that can’t be stored in a storage unit in Slidell, LA.


Our storage units may be climate controlled, but that doesn’t mean that food is allowed to live there. When storing items containing food like kitchen appliances or kitchenware, be sure to wash and dry everything thoroughly before packing anything away.

Hazardous Materials

You don’t want to be liable if something happens. That’s why many different types of hazardous materials are not allowed. This includes flammable or combustible items and toxic materials. Items like gasoline, oil, grease, chemicals, cleaners, and others can cause major harm to a storage facility. Flammable items could blow up, while toxic chemicals could be poisonous.

Stolen and Illegal Goods

It’s never good to steal or have illegal items in your possession. But they are also not allowed in a storage unit. Search warrants can be executed at your storage unit, so we suggest not participating in anything illegal.

Weapons and Ammunition

You may think that storing your hunting gear in the off-season in a storage facility is a great idea. However, weapons and ammunition are not allowed to be in a storage facility. They are technically considered explosive materials and could cause problems, like any combustible item. So, leave those items at home when storing other hunting gear like clothing and other tools.

Wet Items

Before storing anything in a storage unit, make sure it is completely dry. This includes items like your outdoor furniture, kayaks, or appliances. It’s always a good idea to clean your items before storing them away, but make sure they are completely dry. Otherwise, mold could develop and ruin everything.

Money and Priceless Items

Even though our storage units in Slidell have 24/7 security, it’s wise not to put any money or anything valuable in the unit. Instead, you’ll want to put those items in something even more secure, like a safety deposit box at a bank.

Unregistered Vehicles

If you have any vehicles that you need stored away, a storage facility can be the perfect place. But to store those vehicles, you need to ensure that they are insured, registered, and fully operational.

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