5 Tips for Using a Self Storage Unit in the Winter

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November 28th, 2022

With winter coming it’s time to consider a seasonal update to your self-storage unit in New Orleans. Although we have mild temperatures in Louisiana and rarely any snow, it’s still important to consider changing out your items seasonally. Below, we have some great tips for turning in your summer gear for your holiday and winter goods.

1. Choose Climate Controlled Units

When you’re looking around for a self-storage unit in New Orleans, consider a unit that has climate control capabilities. You’ll want to invest in a unit that has these features because Louisiana has frequent changes in the climate, even in the wintertime. It can help prevent damage to items like musical instruments, antiques, photographs, and other items. At Dependable Storage, you can always count on us for climate control since all of our units are installed with this feature.

2. Clean and Dry Your Summer Items

Before putting your summer items away, be sure to clean and dry them. Even with a climate-controlled unit, you don’t want to risk the chances of them getting damaged or ruined. Once everything is dried and ready to store, consider getting storage bins and labels to help organize your storage unit. This is a great opportunity to put away objects like summer clothes, recreational gear, patio furniture, and pool accessories.

3. Use Insulation

If you are worried about the cold temperatures affecting your items, consider wrapping them in breathable fabric. All of our units have climate control, but we understand if you want to take extra care of your belongings. For insulation, using fabrics like cotton blankets or towels is ideal. You’ll want to avoid vinyl and plastic covers as they can trap moisture.

4. Keep Electronics Off the Ground

Even with a climate-controlled unit, it’s important to consider the protection of your electronics. When storing them in your unit, make sure that they are stored off the ground. Typically in the colder months, the ground can be much cooler than the rest of your unit. If your electronics are subjected to this temperature, they may not work as easily or as well the next time you need to use them.

5. Get Winter and Holiday Ready

While you’re putting up your summer items, consider taking out all of your necessary winter holiday items. Having a rotating system like this is a great way to keep the seasonal clutter out of your house. For example, having your winter wardrobe stored in a unit is a great idea since Louisiana has a mild winter. While considering the holidays, a storage unit could be a great place to hide presents from your kids. Especially because our facilities are accessible 24/7, you can store your gifts with ease. If you have a big enough storage facility, you can even store your gift-wrapping materials and have a space to wrap everything without being secretive.

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