5 Qualities of a Good Storage Facility in New Orleans

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September 23rd, 2022

Not all storage facilities in New Orleans are built the same, nor do they all have the same amenities. When choosing a storage unit for your items, you’ll want to ensure that they have the services to best fit your needs while keeping your things safe. Here are five features you should look for when choosing a storage facility.

1. Location is Everything

You’ll want to consider where the storage unit is in proximity to your home and if it can be easily accessed in case you need something. Our storage facility in New Orleans is conveniently located next to the Pontchartrain Expressway in the Warehouse District. Whether you live in New Orleans or across the Cresent City Connection, Dependable Storage is right there and has 24 hour access.

2. A Great Security System

The security system is the number one feature you should consider when looking for storage units. We offer more than one type of security when it comes to all of our facilities. Each place has a passcode entry gate, digital video surveillance, and a fully fenced-in property. We even offer multiple floors with elevator access if you feel more comfortable with your belongings not being on the first floor. You can count on our facilities to have a security system that will give you peace of mind while your belongings are stored.

3. Multiple Size Options

It can be hard to determine what size storage unit you’ll need, and you don’t want to sign up for a unit that doesn’t meet your exact needs. That’s why we offer a wide range of units from small storage sizes to large units that could fit items from a three-bedroom house. If you need help determining the perfect size to suit your needs, use our handy Storage Unit Size Calculator. That way you can have the ultimate control over paying for what you need.

4. Climate Control

In addition to knowing what size unit you’ll need, you will also need to consider whether or not you need climate control. This is the ultimate way to protect your stuff from the elements, especially in Louisiana. Each of our units is equipped with climate control, giving you peace of mind. Other storage facilities may not have this feature, and that could lead to mold, moisture, and heat to ruin your items. We suggest choosing a company with units that have climate control for protection, even if your items are outdoor proof.

5. Supplies and Dollies for Loading

Most storage facilities will leave you by yourself to handle packing up your storage unit. But at Dependable Storage, we offer the necessities to help you pack up your items and move them into your new storage unit. Purchase boxes and other supplies from us to help get you started with your packing. Then, when you’re ready to load everything into your unit, we have dollies & handcarts to make the job even easier. Now you don’t have to worry about finding boxes or finding people with the equipment you need to help you move.

Book the Best Storage Facility in New Orleans

Now that you have considered everything you need in a great storage facility, consider booking with Dependable Storage. We have everything you need to start packing up your belongings and get them safely stored away. If you’re ready to book your storage unit in New Orleans, send us a message to get started or give us a call at 504-608-2359.

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