4 Hacks for Packing a Storage Unit

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February 13th, 2023

To pack a storage unit effectively, it's essential to create an organized plan with the right packing materials to protect your items. If you are looking for helpful tips and tricks for packing your storage unit in Baton Rouge, we can help. Dependable Storage has created a useful list of tips to help you plan. Learn about these four helpful packing hacks to help you optimize your storage unit experience.

1. Label Boxes in Your Storage Unit in Baton Rouge

One of the biggest hacks your future self will thank you for is labeling items in your storage unit. As you prepare your items for storage, label your boxes on multiple sides to make it easier to find them when needed. It is also wise to leave aisles or pathways in your storage unit so you can easily access your items. This will help save you time and energy in the future when you need things later on. It can also remind you precisely what is in the unit.

2. Invest in High-Quality Materials

Use sturdy boxes of uniform size to make the most of your space. Uniform boxes are easier to stack and create a more stable structure in your storage unit. Saving money with cheaper packages and boxes may save money now, but they often have a shorter lifespan.
Heavier items may even break flimsier boxes as you are loading your unit. The last thing you want when visiting your storage unit is to discover one of your boxes busted while you are away. In addition to investing in high-quality containers, use bubble wrap, newspaper, or packing peanuts to protect your items from damage during storage. Use protective covers or sheets to cover furniture and other large items to protect them from dust and dirt. This can help prevent the potential of item value degradation or damage risks.

3. Minimize Space Where You Can

Consider using vacuum-sealed bags to reduce the space needed for clothing and other soft items. Breaking down furniture or disassembling more oversized items can reduce their required space. This can decrease the monthly cost of storage by renting a smaller unit. Employees of facilities like Dependable Storage are typically familiar with the best way to pack a storage unit and utilize the space. While deciding which size unit to rent, feel free to ask for the opinion of our team. They could help you determine the best game plan for your storage needs.

4. Strategize Your Placement

Place heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on top to create a stable and secure stack. This is especially important if you use cardboard or flimsy containers for your items. If you place heavy boxes on top of a lighter box, you may return to a box of broken possessions. In addition, as mentioned earlier, labeling your containers can help prevent mistakenly placing items incorrectly.

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