3 Tips to Keep Your Stored Jewelry Looking Great

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July 7th, 2021

We all have pieces of jewelry that hold a special value in our lives. We may not wear them often, but they are keepsakes we could never get rid of. However, there are a few reasons why keeping them in our homes may not be best. Sometimes it just comes down to a lack of space or wanting to declutter the house. Or, those looking to free up space in their later years may want a place to keep their valuables in a storage unit to pass them down to family members. Some also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing their valuables are in a secure space. There are several excellent reasons to choose self-storage for jewelry and other precious items. And, if you are looking for storage units in New Orleans, Dependable Storage is ready to meet your needs. Learn how you can keep your jewelry safe, secure, and untarnished with a few storage tips.

1. Clean Before You Store

The only way to reduce existing tarnish on a piece of jewelry is to clean it with a solution designed for that type of jewelry. If tarnish already exists on a piece and it isn’t addressed, it will get worse with time if it isn’t cleaned and stored properly. So, before you decide to store, it can be a good idea to examine your jewelry for signs of tarnish. And, if you plan to store the jewelry for a long time, it may be best to have the pieces professionally cleaned first so they can be stored fresh and beautiful.

2. Keep the Pieces Separated

When you are ready to store your jewelry, you want to separate the types of jewelry: gold, silver, costume jewelry, etc. This doesn’t just keep your jewelry storage neater. It can also keep them from being exposed to each other, which can hasten tarnishing if left unchecked. Keeping them stored in Tupperware-style containers can further protect pieces from the environment. Additionally, vacuum-sealed storage bags can also be a great choice for keeping the harmful elements out.

3. Avoid Humidity

There are plenty of things to love about Louisiana, but humidity is not one of them. It can make the summers seem unbearable, piling on to the already intense heat. However, it can also present a problem for our jewelry. For example, silver itself should not tarnish with exposure to moisture and humidity. But, the presence of sulphur and moisture can cause silver to tarnish, and sulphur is commonly found in the environment. This can lead to oxidation which causes jewelry to tarnish faster.
Therefore, it can be a huge benefit to choose climate controlled storage units when keeping your jewelry in New Orleans and other humid areas. Additionally, adding silica gel packets to your stored jewelry can help to absorb moisture from the environment. This can help your beautiful jewelry pieces to stay beautiful even when the humid weather rolls in.

Searching for Secure, Climate Controlled Storage Units in New Orleans?

If you want secure storage units in New Orleans that keep the humid weather out, Dependable Storage has you covered. Get in touch with our New Orleans location at 504-598-6464 or contact us online. Whether you need to store jewelry, furniture, or even a truck—explore our storage unit options to find the perfect one to meet your needs!

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