3 Tips To Help You Organize Your Self Storage Unit

Self Storage

June 9th, 2021

If you will be moving soon, you may have realized that not all your furniture is necessary for your new residence. Perhaps there are also valuable items that you don't want to toss, but you aren't sure whether they should go into the new house. If this situation sounds familiar, it may be time to consider getting a self-storage unit in Prairieville. These easy packing tips from Dependable Storage can make your transition into a new residence a lot less stressful.

Label Your Boxes

Labeling your boxes is important to your self-storage units organization. How are you going to know what is in your boxes if you forget to label them? You should place white labels on your boxes and label them with permanent black markers. With this method, you'll know exactly what's inside every box and you can find every item in your storage unit within minutes. There’s no need to endlessly search through your boxes to try to find a specific item or items.

Store in Plastic

Storing your items in plastic in your self-storage unit helps to keep mildew and mold from ruining your belongings. The same idea can be applied to your furniture as well. Wrap your items in weather-proof plastic wrap while in storage. The plastic helps to keep out moisture and humidity and is much more effective than cardboard alone. You can also apply a moisture protectant spray to your furniture. This will keep the fabric of your furniture pieces healthy during storage.

Packing & Placement

The bottom of the storage unit is a good place to put your larger furniture, such as couches and tables. You should then pack lighter, more delicate items on top of the larger, heavier items. This protects your personal belongings from being crushed or damaged during storage. If you have to stack boxes, make sure the stack is balanced, this ensures your furniture pieces are safe from breaking.
Finally, if there are important items that you know you’ll need right away, place them near the front of the storage unit. For instance, if you’re storing a washer and dryer you’re about to sell, place those items in the front of your self storage unit. Be sure you take into account when you plan on accessing your items again while placing them in storage. Doing this can significantly reduce your frustration and make all your items easy to find.

Looking to Reserve a Self Storage Unit Near Prairieville?

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