3 Storage Questions With Answers That May Surprise You

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December 22nd, 2021

Whether you plan to rent your first self-storage unit or you’ve used one before, you may still have some storage questions. Your items matter, so it makes sense to want them stored properly and safely. At Dependable Storage, we help customers in Baton Rouge and several other Louisiana and Mississippi locations keep their items secure. Our units are available in several sizes and varieties, including climatized and non-climatized units as well vehicle storage. But, even when you find the right storage unit for your stuff, you still might have some questions about what to store and how. Let us tackle those quandaries and more with three of your Baton Rouge storage questions finally answered.

1. What’s the Best Way to Determine the Right Unit Size?

Trying to decide the appropriate storage unit size isn’t always easy when you do it yourself. There are many variables to consider. And sometimes the picture you have in your head may not match up with reality. As your storage experts in Baton Rouge, we understand the need to not overpay for a unit that’s too big or rent a unit that’s too small for your stuff. That’s why we decided to make it simpler than ever with the Size Guide page on our website! Here, you can use our Storage Calculator to add items from each room of your home and get a close approximation to the amount of space you should need. It’s just another way Dependable Storage makes things simpler and more convenient for our customers.

2. Is It Safe to Store Delicate Items Such as Wedding Dresses and Photos?

Many people choose to place keepsakes, heirlooms, and memorabilia in storage units. This can help to declutter and free up space in the home. And, it can also provide additional protection. Dependable Storage offers climatized units to keep these things safe from the elements. However, if they are not preserved properly when they are stored, it’s possible that they could still degrade over time. For an item like a wedding dress, it may be best to have it professionally preserved before placing it in the storage unit. And, many of these heirlooming services also come with decades-long warranties to ensure that they look their best for years to come.

3. How Can I Keep My Holiday Decorations Looking Beautiful?

There’s nothing quite like opening your stored holiday decorations to signal the start of the season. But, if your ornaments, nutcrackers, and other trinkets look dingy and dilapidated, it can really put a damper on the experience. This is especially true if you don’t choose the right storage option in Baton Rouge because the moisture and heat can wreak havoc on these delicate items. Make sure you choose a climatized unit to give fragile decorations the extra protection they need to withstand the elements.

Store More With Dependable Storage in Baton Rouge

Hopefully, we answered at least one of your questions about storage in Baton Rouge. But, if you have other questions, you can always reach out to us at 225-460-4626. And, be sure to watch our blog where we cover all things storage-related. Find the space for all your stuff and the peace of mind you deserve with Dependable Storage today!

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