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About Climatized

Don’t risk your valuable property by failing to protect it while it’s stored. Our Climatized (climate-controlled) storage units are great for home furnishings, appliances, electronics, antiques, clothing and other goods susceptible to the effects of heat and humidity.

Three of our newest facilities, Prairieville, LaPlace and Gulfport, have state of the art “de-humdifyers”, which go beyond temperature control to ensure mold and mildew won’t grow by keeping the humidity below 50%.

Coleman Metals

Coleman Metals are the the go-to people for building projects involving metal components and requiring innovation, imagination and resourcefulness. We say this because of our twelve year history of constructing highly successful multi-story commercial buildings in Louisiana and Mississippi. Our bottom line for costs is: BOTTOM.

We have a new state of the art factory in New Orleans with a complete inventory of metal parts making machinery. And our skilled staff if familiar with a wide range of tasks in the building industry. We can design and fabricate and install just about anything you can dream up. Call us. Test us.

Coleman SideSlider

Peter Coleman as the founder of Dependable Storage Services, has been designing, building and operating facilities along the Gulf Coast, just outside of New Orleans, for more than a decade. Over the years, he has purchased thousands of roll-up doors from manufacturers, but grew increasingly more frustrated with their design.

Coleman knew the springs, which require regular maintenance to operate smoothly, were the weak link in the roll-up door design, so he urged manufacturers to engineer them differently—without springs. “After a while, I gave up asking manufacturers and decided to take it upon myself to create a solution and offer a better choice.”

Coleman sat down with pen and paper and began drawing the sliding door. He gave his sketches to his Dependable Storage Services crew, who built a prototype. “They built it, we tweaked it, made it simpler and lighter,” he says. To make a long story short, Peter recently installed 506 new Coleman SideSlider doors in his Gulfport facility. They are a huge success.

The Coleman SideSlider can be inexpensively retrofitted into existing buildings and are compliant with ADA requirements.”This is a quiet, smooth sliding door with only two moving parts that never wear out,” Coleman says.

“The business of self-storage is highly competitive,” he adds. “If someone builds a facility right next door that’s better than mine, I could be out of business in six months. These new doors allow facilities to remain competitive and on the cutting edge.”

The Coleman SideSlider doors are enormously attractive to clients who, along with Peter, are “Slide’n & Glide’n” and no longer “Bendin’ & Pullin’”

Design Build

Dependable Storage has a team of proven professionals geared to help you in all phases of development, site selection, design and operation of your mini storage business venture.

If you need assistance in locating a site, we can help with Demographic surveys, area traffic count projections and marketing surveys to determine the profitability of the location.

Once your site is selected, we can assist by providing an array of architecturally appealing designs specifically suited to your location. The curb appeal and facility layout will set your facility apart from any of your competition.

We can assist in all phases of construction. From acquiring permits to giving you a finished product, Dependable Storage has a proven plan backed by a decade of experience in the mini storage industry.

Our staff is dedicated to providing a quality product to our clients.

We also do rocket science.

For more information, call David Bauman at (504)838-6464 or e-mail him at: dave@dependablestorage.com.

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